Indigenous peoples in Acre

indigenosThe Indian peoples of the Amazon Basin are divided into 6 linguistic groups: Tupi, Karib, Tukano, Jê, Pano and Aruaque. The tribes indigenous to Acre belong mainly to the groups Pano and Aruaque . The Kaxinawás, Yawanawás, Poyanawás, Jaminawás, Nukuinis, Araras and Kaxararis belong to Pano. The Kulinas and the Kampas belong to Aruaque. There are also indigenous to the present area of Acre the Katukinas, the Machineris and some isolated groups without contact. The Indians live from hunting, fishing, agriculture and gathering. They plant manioc, corn, cotton, tobacco and various fruits. In all the communities there are the so-called "pajes" (medicine men, shamans) that pass their knowledge about medicinal plants and rites orally to their successors. The rites of some indigenous peoples in the area of Acre go along with the intake of the hallucinogen "Ayahuasca" or "Yage", a brew from certain vines and leaves. The Indians generally don’t have the same concept of possession as the "civilized" people. Also the way, how decisions concerning the village or the tribe are being made, isn’t the same way linear hierarchical. These kinds of differences have led to the prejudice that Indians are unreliable and false. This conviction has always served to justify the discrimination and extinction of the Indians...

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