Products from sustainable use of the rain forest

Until today the rubber-production has been the main source of income for the inhabitants of the Brazilian rain forest. With the fall of the rubber-price, more and more rubber-tappers lose their subsistence, which causes a rural exodus and increases the urban misery. The abandoned forest-areas cannot be protected any more as Extractive Reserves and are in the danger of uncontrolled exploitation.
One tries to get out of this vicious circle through a revival of the rubber-production through alternative production-methods. Another aproach is the diversification of the production and commercialization of other products from sustainable use of the forest, such as Brazil nuts, fruits, plant-oils, medicinal plants, handicraft from plant-seeds, etc.
The following listing contains only some few examples of such products. The long-term purpose of the AmazonLink Web Site is the to commercialize this kind of products through the Internet.

Brazil nuts -CAEX Brazil nuts - CAPEB
Brazil nuts
CAEX Phone/Fax: 55 (0)68 542 2142
or CAPEB Phone: 55 (0)68 546 3126
guarana-powder guarana-syrup
Contact: Nauense, Rio Branco
Phone: 55 (0) 68 226 3539
Fax: 55 (0) 68 226 2577
Eco Leather Eco Leather (Couro Ecologico):
Fabric covered with natural non-smoked latex
Contact: COOPERECO, Rio Branco
Fax: 55 (0)68 223 6094
Phone:55 (0)68 223 6094
Shoes from natural rubber,
through the Cooperative CAEX:
Phone/Fax: 55 (0)68 542 2142
Shoes from natural rubber
The Amazon Rainforest Notebook Vegetal Leather (Couro Vegetal):
Fabric covered with natural smoked latex
Contact: Projeto Couro Vegetal
Rio de Janeiro: Fone: 021 2239 0739
Objects from Multiple Use Forest Management Objects from Multiple Use Forest Management
Small Objects (also from wood) from the
Project of Multiple Use Forest Management
of the Amazonian Workers Center-cta
Contact: cta:
Fax: 55 (0)68 223 18 49
Phone: 55 (0)68 224 82 31
Handicraft from rubber
Handicraft from rubber,
rubber-tapper Antonio, Rio Branco
RECA Preserved hearts of palm,
Pineapple, Cupuaçu
Nova California, RO
Phone: 55(0)68 236 1046
Fax: 55(0)68 236 1007
Indian Handicraft ceramics
Indian Handicraft
Indian Handicraft
Contact: Casa Kupixawa
Zentrum Rio Branco
Sweets from Brazil nuts, Cupuaçu...
Contact: Doces Tropicais, Rio Branco
Phone: 55(0)68 223 2590

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