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Amazonlink.org is a brazilian non-governmental organization (NGO). It was founded September 2001 in Rio Branco, capital of the brazilian state of Acre. (CNPJ 04.739.253/0001-32)
We intend to build an extensive Website and a news-service with information on the Amazon under this address in Portuguese, English and German (long-term also Spanish).
Amazonlink.org is still in search of resources for its operation. For the time being, the organization, as well as this site are being maintained through voluntary efforts.
Aldeias Vigilantes

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  • Our Mission is:
    To overcome political, cultural, ideological and linguistic boundaries in favor of collaboration in the pursuit of preservation of the Amazon and improvement of living conditions of its inhabitants;

Specific objectives:

  1. Supplying of information through the Internet and other media on the ecosystems and the social and cultural reality of the Amazon;
  2. Studies, research and informing about the problems of the ecological and social problems of the Amazon, and the possible solutions aiming at sustainable development;
  3. Promoting the exchange of such information and ideas between different cultures and countries;
  4. Democratization of the access to information technologies, and opening up of opportunities for articulation for environmental and social organizations in the Amazon, so they can make contacts, gain support and commercialize their non-timber-forest-products;
  5. Supporting and promoting traditional and scientific knowledge and craft objects from the forest peoples;
  6. Promoting citizenship, human rights, assistance to minorities, rights for the women and the children, gratuitous legal access as well as combating poverty and all types of sexual, racial and social discrimination, and forced and child labour;
  7. Creating other associations in other regions of the country and in other countries, through the mobilization of governmental entities and national and international non-governmental organizations.

  • www.amazonlink.org/ACRE/
    (available in Portuguese, English, German)
    Information on Acre, its inhabitants, the rubber-tappers, Chico Mendes, Extractive Reserves etc.

  • www.amazonlink.org/apurina/
    (available in Portuguese and English)
    Website of the indigenous community “Apurinã do 45 " and its production of jewelry from rainforest seeds.

  • www.amazonlink.org/seringueira/
    (available in Portuguese)
    Production of handbags and backpacks from natural rubber in Boca do Acre / AM

  • www.amazonlink.org/amazon/agroforestry/
    (PDF format 1,3MB,available in Spanish)
    Técnicas de sistemas agroflorestales MULTIESRATO - Manual for agroforestry systems by Walter Yana and Harald Weinert, developed in the course of the Agroecological and Forestry Research Program PIAF - EL CEIBO in Bolivia. Published by DED/IIAB.

  • www.amazonlink.org/amazon/indigenous_cultures/index.html
    (available in English)
    Home page of the III Summit of the Indigenous Cultures of Acre and South Amazonas (15-19/04/2002)
    The portugese version of the summit's home page is located in the site of the Government of Acre: www.ac.gov.br/culturas_indigenas/index.html

  • www.amazonlink.org/gd
    (available in English, Portugese and Spanish)
    On-line documentation of the Workshop on the Local Management of Agricultural Biodiversity, held in Rio Branco-Acre, 9 - 19 May 2002. The Workshop was the highlight of the Growing Diversity Project. Many of the participants attending this meeting included farmers, fishermen and women, indigenous peoples and pastoralists from Asia, Africa and Latin America.


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