Rio Branco – Acre - Brazil:
Amazonlink celebrates first “Cupuaçu victory” with Capoeira and Rock

08.03.2004.- More than two thousand people participated yesterday in the „Public Event Against Bio-piracy”, organized by Amazonlink. The event was in commemoration of the cancellation of the fruit name “Cupuaçu” as a trademark in Japan. The giant banner “Cupuaçu e nosso” (Cupuaçu belongs to us), was exposed in a park in the center of the city during a divers cultural program.

The event started with the martial art and dance group “Capoeira Candeias” – which surprised the organizers and the public with a special song, based on the Cupuaçu case. Another highlight was the presentation of a video clip about the Campaign Against Bio-piracy.
After this, the band “Los Porongas” played Brazilian compositions and international rock songs. “It is a pleasure to participate in an event that celebrates the victory of our culture,” stated João Eduardo, guitarist of the band. The event was closed by the performance of the band „Stigma“.